About Us

One Stop Service For Wood-Based Products

CHEN SING (S) PTE LTD is in the wood-based panel industry for more then 30 years. Our wide range of wood-based products cater for both interior & exterior fit-out application including Varies Purpose Plywood, MDF, Particle Board, Natural Solid Wood Timber / Flooring and Surface Decorative Products such as High Pressure Laminated / PV Laminated / Melamine Laminated Board / PVC Edging.

We provide other value added service from Veneer Lamination, HPL lamination, ABS Edging & Board cutting services.

Our abundance in products and constant innovation set us apart from our competitors. We practice quality control to ensure our customer always gets the right products for their strict requirement.

We strive for one stop service for Wood-Based Products.

Whether you require basic wood material for your interior decoration or customized laminated boards for your large projects, we can provide you with the quality materials to help make your job a success!


To provide Reliable and Convenience Solutions for all our customer needs.

提供方便,可信赖, 多样化,的装修木料货品

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